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My name is Miles and I am a drummer/producer/engineer based out of Sydney, Australia

Here is some blurb taken from my bio on the Ludwig website

Sydney based Miles Thomas is one of Australia’s first call session musicians, from an orchestra, singer songwriter, jazz ensemble, modern improvised music, to a punk band.

This versatility has come from working in the studio from the age of 15, both as a studio drummer and a recording engineer. This ability to be “both sides of the glass” has given him an enormous amount of experience playing and tweaking sounds to get them “just right” for the given work.

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I play Ludwig drums, Remo heads, Vic Firth sticks and cymbals mostly from Craig Lauritsen and Pug

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Photo: Giulia McGauran

I have performed and/or recorded with Montaigne, Lior & Nigel Westlake, Meg Mac, Winterbourne, Japanese Wallpaper, Clayton Thomas & Chris Abrahams, Sons Of The East, Clare Bowen, Gus Gardiner, Timothy James Bowen, Gerard Masters, Brett Hirst, and many many more, as well as the numerous film and television cues.

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Photo: Jess Gleeson

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